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Women's Labour Migration in ASEAN: Education, training and skills

— theme: Pre-employment and recruitment policies and practices, Rights and protection of migrants
— country: ASEAN

This Policy Brief considers skills supply and demand in ASEAN in relation to women migrant workers, making recommendations to policy-makers, development partners, social partners and civil society that can improve access for women to skills development opportunities and better jobs. With ASEAN economic integration planning to introduce freer movement of skilled labour, there is a need to standardize and recognize qualifications and skills across the region to ensure efficient and mutually beneficial labour migration. Low and medium skilled labour migration is also predicted to grow, driven by pushes and pulls that result from economic, development and demographic disparities. As the drivers of economic and job growth continue, the informal sector is anticipated to shrink, displacing many workers, most of whom are women employed in low skilled and low paid jobs.1 Better recognition of women’s skills and equal access of women to skills development and skilled opportunities will ensure that women migrant workers benefit from ASEAN economic integration rather than fall victim to it.

Jenna Holliday
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