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Women's Labour Migration in ASEAN: Facts and figures

— theme: Rights and protection of migrants
— country: ASEAN

This Policy Brief provides an overview of the data available on women migrant workers in ASEAN, identifying good practices and making recommendations for improvements. The Policy Brief also highlights the importance of reliable and sex-disaggregated data on migrant workers, calling for donors and development partners to ensure that the specific situation of women migrants is monitored and addressed in migration programs in the region. Generating accurate and comparable data allows policy makers to develop policies that are responsive and effective in the promotion and protection of women migrant workers’ rights. Such data also provides evidence on which civil society groups and trade unions can rely in advocating for these rights. Without reliable data specific to women migrant workers, policies risk responding to assumptions or (mis)perceptions on the migration of women, leaving the realities of women migrants’ experiences unaddressed. Accurate and reliable data can shine a light on barriers that prevent women’s access to decent work, the vulnerabilities and risks faced in migrating, and the potential benefits of migration.

Jenna Holliday
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