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Speaking of Migration: Mekong Vocabulary on Migration

— theme: Rights and protection of migrants
— country: Greater Mekong Sub-Region
— type: Manuals

Mekong Migration Network (MMN) - 2011. This vocabulary guide contains 117 definitions translated into the six GMS languages (Burmese, Cambodian, Chinese, Laotian, Thai and Vietnamese).

Mekong Migration Network (MMN)
Publishing Year

 The vocabulary in the handbook includes:


Key terminology relating to the situation of migrants in the GMS;


Key terminology to promote the rights of migrants; and


New conceptual terminology being adopted by UN agencies and international organisations.


 The main target groups for the handbook are migrant advocates, civil society organisations and policy makers. This guide is a timely and necessary tool that will facilitate collaboration and cooperative advocacy in the GMS countries.'

MMN has also developed an interactive online version of this guide, which is regularly updated and can be accessed at:

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