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Protecting the Rights of Migrant Workers: A shared responsibility

— theme: Labour migration policy, Pre-employment and recruitment policies and practices, Rights and protection of migrants, Cooperation among multiple stakeholders
— country: Regional

This is an ILO paper from 2009. The paper was originally prepared to inform the discussions in Roundtable 1.1 on “Protecting the rights of migrants – A shared responsibility”, of the second Global Forum on Migration and Development which took place in Manila from 27 to 30 October 2008.

Protecting the Rights of Migrant Workers: A shared responsibility

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The paper deals with migrant rights using a life cycle approach in the context of temporary migration programmes, and stresses that protection of migrant workers is a shared responsibility between source and destination countries. Indeed, actions taken from one side only of the migration process will not prove adequate
to ensure protection of migrant workers, and to promote mutual benefits of migration to development. In addition to reviewing the provisions in existing ILO instruments, the present paper highlights examples of good practices where protected migrant workers contribute better to development, and concrete measures which both source and destination countries can adopt for protecting migrant workers.

The ILO hopes that the paper will serve as a useful tool to governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations, and all other stakeholders who are keen to improve protection of their workers abroad as well as migrant workers within their countries. The paper was prepared under the ILO Project on “Effective Action for Labour Migration Policies and Practice”, supported by the Department of International Development (DFID), United Kingdom.

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