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New policy on sub agent

— theme: Pre-employment and recruitment policies and practices
— country: Sri Lanka
— type: Good Practices

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As it was revealed by the investigations carried out up to now that most of the Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies and migrant workers have to face problems since there is no proper mechanism to control the representatives or sub agents who assist in recruiting and promoting the foreign employment business.

Therefore action has been taken by SLBFE to issue identity cards to such sub agent or representative under the name and style of respective foreign employment agency for the purpose of enabling the licensee to get the control of such sub agent or representative under itself or to allow the other Licensees to carry on their business without any disturbance by such agents.

For this purpose Sri Lankan citizen  would be able to be appointed as a Business Promotion officer under each respective name and style of the foreign employment agency as well as who works under the control of recruitment agencies.  However, these promotion officers cannot collect money or passport from the prospective migrant worker.

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