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Key Migration Issues for the Republic of Korea, 2010

— theme: Labour migration policy
— country: Korea (The Republic of)
— type: Evaluations

IOM MRTC - 2011. This is research from IOM MRTC Special Issues in Migration Series No. 01. This publication consolidates and presents the key outcomes of the IOM MRTC Global Migration Trends project. The Trends project was launched in 2010 to provide a web-based and user-friendly means to help readers stay up to date on global migration research and policy trends, and it sampled issues from various countries around the world. The six articles in this publication were originally presented in 2010 in Korean language only on the MRTC website, under the Global Migration Trends project. This publication is focused specifically on the reports from and about the migration issues in the Republic of Korea (hereafter, Korea). In this new presentation, the topics are divided into six main groups of migrants residing in Korea: 1) migrant workers, 2) marriage migrants, 3) ethnic Koreans with foreign nationality, 4) migrant children, 5) refugees and 6) North Korean defectors. Each author provides us with a comprehensive overview of the current inflow of each migrant group and the most relevant policy and legal changes, and identifies current challenges and future prospects.

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