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COVID-19 places migrant workers in highly vulnerable situations

— theme: Rights and protection of migrants
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As the world confronts COVID-19 and Governments try to stop its spread, it is imperative that migrants - regardless of their migratory status - are included in efforts to stop the spread. And while the 164 million migrant workers globally are already vulnerable, the most vulnerable among them now face being hit hardest by the negative impacts in global communities, businesses and supply chains. Migrant workers’ vulnerability often begins before employment, when labour recruiters charge excessive fees, provide misleading information about the job and offer unclear terms and conditions. These all-too-common practices place migrant workers in a precarious situation from the start. Then, when you add conditions including isolation, indecent accommodation, lack of understanding the local language and culture as well as the potential of debt-bondage, migrant workers’ vulnerabilities are further exacerbated. Now add a pandemic. In times, such as these where the world is trying to contain COVID-19, migrant workers are struggling to access healthcare. Sadly, if a migrant fears deportation, family separation or detention, they may well be less willing to access healthcare or provide information on their health status.

International Organization for Migration
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