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Cambodian prakas (ministerial orders)

— theme: Labour migration policy, Pre-employment and recruitment policies and practices, Rights and protection of migrants, Return and re-integration of migrants, Migration and development
— country: ASEAN, Asia, East Asia, Cambodia
— type: Legislation & Jurisprudence

December 2013 - On International Migrants Day, 18 December 2013, the Cambodian Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training launched 8 prakas (ministerial orders) on standards for Private Recruitment Agencies (PRAs), their on-site service and repatriation processes, recruitment processes and pre-departure orientation training, the use of service contracts, inspection and ranking of PRAs, a process by which migrant workers can lodge complaints, and penalties and rewards for PRAs.

Publishing Year

A zip file containing the 8 Prakas listed here is available for download, below.

  • Prakas 45/13 on the Use of terms in Sub-decree 190 on the management of sending Cambodian Workers abroad through private recruitment agencies (Annex of Prakas 45/13 on the Use of Key Terms is also attached as a separate document)
  • Prakas 46/13 on Recruitment process and pre-departure orientation training
  • Prakas 47/13 on Private recruitment agencies
  • Prakas 249 on Complaint receiving mechanism for migrant workers
  • Prakas 250 on Inspection of private recruitment agencies
  • Prakas 251 on Penalty and reward to the private recruitment agency
  • Prakas 252 on On site service of the private recruitment agency and repatriation
  • Prakas 253 on Promulgation of minimum standards of Job Placement Services Abroad Contract (plus Annex containing Final Placement Services Contract)

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