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Young and educated choose Singapore

An article in China Post last Monday (22 November) revealed that Singapore is the top choice for young and educated people, not only from other Asian countries but also from countries across the globe.
Young and educated choose Singapore

Photo from Straits Times (10 November 2010)

"The trend of young, educated foreigners moving here is borne out in findings from a poll conducted by research firm Gallup, which found that Singapore is one of the top migration destinations among the young and educated, if everyone who wanted to leave their home country did so."

"The survey, which covered 350,000 adults in 148 countries, showed Singapore to be the only economy in developed Asia — which includes Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan — that would not suffer a brain drain if people around the world could migrate anywhere they want."

"In fact, Singapore would have four times its current number of educated adults, with at least a bachelor's degree. Even greater would be the jump in the number of those aged between 15 and 29: It would rise six times.

Migration specialists and business owners catering to the expatriate market have noticed more young, single and educated professionals making the move to Singapore in the past year."

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