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Wage Earners' Welfare Board: Calls grow for subsidies

The Business Standard, Bangladesh, 31 May 2022 - The Wage Earner's Welfare Board (WEWB), established to build a transparent, accountable and welfare-oriented institution for migrant workers and their families, could do much more with the help of government subsidies.

At the same time, more transparency in the use of the funds is also a must.

In conversations with various stakeholders, The Business Standard found that despite migrant workers sending $20 billion in remittance on average per year, the fund is still running on migrants' fees and other such sources.

Even the total expenditure of the WEWB, including the salaries of more than 200 staffers, is borne from the money given by the migrants.

Shakirul Islam, chairman, Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan Program (OKUP), said, "Migrant workers send $24 billion remittance each year. So, the government should have at least 10% allocation from that for recruitment fees.

"If there are any fees, especially for recruiting agencies and others, the government should subsidise those. We must make this demand from the revenue budget."



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