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VS Industry addresses migrant labour issues with activist

The Malaysian Reserve, Malaysia, 21 December 2021 - VS INDUSTRY Bhd has changed all its migrant workers hired through a recalibration programme to direct employment following its engagement with labour rights activist Andy Hall.

In a filing to Bursa Malaysia yesterday, the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company said it will step up efforts to verify if there had been any instances of workers under the programme having to pay recruitment fees or related costs to external parties.

“VS Industry commits to continue upholding its zero-recruitment fee policy where all fees and costs relating to recruitment of migrant workers are borne entirely by VS Industry.

“If such instances exist, VS Industry shall take immediate remedial action to reimburse the workers, and this investigation and remediation work shall be verified in March 2022 by an independent social compliance audit, the findings of which VS Industry shall share transparently with Hall as the basis for our ongoing dialogue together,” the company said.

It further said the specifics and nature of this third-party audit shall be finalised by VS Industry shortly in liaison with Hall so joint agreement to proceed can be established.

“Hall will be engaged and consulted on the format and specifics of commissioning the audit while VS Industry has committed to ensuring all future migrant workers shall be employed directly by the group, with no involvement of third-party actors,” MD Datuk SY Gan said.

Hall stated that he looks forward to the continued and constructive cooperation with VS Industry as well as positive outcomes for migrant workers.



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