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Video proves M’sians don’t buy into racism

Free Malaysia Today - 2 April 2015 - Filmed without the subjects’ knowledge, this video shows how peace-loving Malaysians truly are.

A video filmed to show how Malaysians would react to racist-charged messages has proven that there is much love, camaraderie and respect between those of various races in our country even when it comes to a total stranger of a different race or nationality.

According to a Facebook message by Calvin Ng, who posted the video on March 30, it was a “social experiment” he and his team put together for a college assignment to raise awareness on racism.

The 2.43 minute video opens with an explanation of how a migrant worker, who was sent a Facebook friend request, wants the accompanying message translated as he doesn’t understand the language it is written in.

The migrant worker is an “actor” in the video, and a hidden camera planted by the producer, captures the reactions of those he asks for help in the translation.

What unfolds is both surprising and heartwarming.


The migrant’s first encounter is with two Chinese boys, who willingly take a look at the message, but then say, “This guy is saying racist stuff.” The more vocal of the two uses expletives to describe the sender of the message as he is clearly upset over what he reads. His friend chimes in explaining that not all Malaysians are racists and says, “It’s ok, we welcome you to Malaysia.”

A young biker who reads the hate-filled message says, “Are you sure you want me to translate it? He just wants to hurts your feelings. Just ignore this dumb **** Not all Malaysians are like him.” He then chats with the Indonesian and even buys him a meal when he learns that the man has been in Malaysia for only two weeks.

Meanwhile a young man sitting with his lady companion, is visibly shocked at what he reads, and goes out of his way to turn the whole racist message into a positive one so the Indonesian migrant worker’s feelings are not hurt. He then advises the Indonesian not to bother being “friends” with this person on Facebook and to “block” him.

The video ends with a message that reads: “Racism is an unwelcomed disease that is eating our country from the inside out. Only you can cure it.”

At the time of writing, over 2,400 Facebook users had shared the video and 1,832 “liked” it.

Many also left encouraging comments calling the video an “amazing” piece of work and the Malaysians in it “impressive” and worthy of respect.

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