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Up to 50,000 migrant employees will be allowed in the community space

Bollyinside, Singapore, 23 April 2022 - Up to 50,000 migrant laborers, living in dormitories and working in Singapore’s labour-intensive sectors, will be permitted to go about among the community on ends of the week and public occasions from April 26, an increase from the 30,000 limit now. On work days, the cutoff will be raised to 25,000, up from the 15,000 now, said the Ministry of Health on Friday. The migrant laborers, generally from India, Bangladesh and China, may spend as long as eight hours out each time, whether on non-weekend days or ends of the week. The people who are inoculated were at that point doing this from the beginning of this current month.

Unvaccinated migrant workers will also not be required to apply for exit passes or take pre-visit antigen rapid tests before going to designated recreation centres.

With vaccine-related infection controls such as checks on vaccination status being lifted in most settings from next Tuesday, unvaccinated migrant workers will also be allowed to resume activities within the community.

Recreation centres aside, all migrant workers — vaccinated or otherwise — will still need to apply for exit passes and indicate the locations in the community where they will be going.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will monitor the application numbers and continue to conduct regular checks at potential congregation hotspots.

MOH said that this is to manage overcrowding at popular locations.



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