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UK has been winning back Indian migrants, one immigration policy at a time

The Economic Times, India, 15 April 2022 - As we navigate the new immigration rules, policies and procedures, it is imperative to recognise that even for experienced sponsors, there are changes coming in to play with the system that all will need to understand and navigate through.

Many of the positive changes in the new system will benefit employers supporting and sponsoring migrant workers in to the UK. This includes the ability to bring migrants in to a wider range of roles due to the lowering of skills levels and salary requirements and the ability to hire to meet demand without a cap on numbers. Agile, growing businesses and established international networks will want to take advantage of these changes.

UK and India’s immigration relationship:
UK and India signed an ambitious new migration partnership in May 2021, in an aim to make a major leap in the UK’s bilateral relationship with India.

This professional and cultural exchange programme works in a similar manner to the current Youth Mobility Schemes, with India being the first visa national country (i.e., those countries which require visas to visit the UK) to profit from this. The agreement is meant to permit several 18-30-year-olds to work and live in each other’s country for up to two years.






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