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UAE human trafficking hotline now also in Bengali

Published on on April 14th, 2011.
"A hotline in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) created to receive complaints or queries related to human trafficking will be available in six languages, including Bengali.

The hotline 8007283 will be available in six languages - Arabic, English, Urdu, Russian, Filipino and Bengali - and will be operational round-the-clock seven days a week, said
Sarah Suhail, executive director of the Shelter Centre.

The multi-language hotline will serve all the emirates.

Suhail said it was important to make the hotline operate in many languages to encourage victims to report cases of exploitation and abuse, according to Gulf News.

The present strength of Indian community in UAE is estimated to be around 1.4 million. About one million live in Dubai and the other emirates and the remaining four lakhs live in Abu Dhabi, according to the Indian embassy in Abu Dhabi.

The majority of the Indian population have become an integral part of the UAE business community."

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