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The woes of migrant workers to get vaccines and certification

The Kathmandu Post, Nepal, 3 August 2021 - After a back-breaking two weeks running from pillar to post in Kathmandu, Yunush Malla finally decided to return to his hometown in Parsa Bazar of Rapti Municipality, Chitwan on Monday afternoon.

His latest trip to the Capital was something he would rather forget.

Malla, 25, was among hundreds of migrant workers who have been flocking to Kathmandu to receive Covid-19 vaccines so that they can fly to their jobs overseas.

After coming across news that migrant workers would be prioritised for Covid-19 vaccination, he reached Kathmandu on July 16. Since then he had been running to different government offices—to get the jab and then to get certified of the fact.

“Since I landed in Kathmandu to get vaccinated, my life was confined to visiting government offices,” Malla, told the Post. “It feels like I have seen all about how everything works in this country.”

Nepali migrant workers’ struggle for vaccination, so that they would be allowed entry to countries they migrate to work, is a microcosm of the ad-hoc decisions of the government that affects the everyday life of its citizens.

Decision after decision, the government has made things rather complicated for migrant workers and put them through bureaucratic hassles.



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