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The ticking time bomb of Nepal's returning migrant workers

Aljazeera, Nepal, 10 June 2020 - Dev Bishwo Karma waited for hours by the side of a remote mountain road in the northwestern Nepali district of Karnali in late May, hoping to somehow find a way home.

The 20-year-old, formerly employed as a hotel worker in the Indian city of Pune, said it took him four days of travel by bus to get there, a harrowing journey with little clarity on what would happen once he arrived in Nepal.

"We didn't get food or water when we needed it the most," Karma said. "There were no vehicles for transport."

Karma is one of tens of thousands of Nepali migrant workers who have flooded back home by land after losing their jobs following India's lockdown to try and contain the coronavirus, creating a humanitarian crisis that now also threatens the stability of Nepal's fragile economy. Remittances from overseas Nepali workers like Karma have long propped up the country's income.

The BlinkNow Foundation, a nongovernmental organisation based in Nepal that is helping migrant workers in Karnali, interviewed several of the returning Nepalis for Al Jazeera.



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