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The migrant policy black hole

Malay Mail, Malaysia, 28 July 2022 - “There is Malaysia in us.”

The Nepali was from a family who had worked in Malaysia for decades — his grandfather, father and uncle. Back in Nepal now, they have this land etched in them.

He sits in a bar this evening eating his Momo — a Nepalese delicacy which actually they appropriated from the Bhutanese, he explains — after a day at his recruitment company.

A quiet Jalan Nagasari venue on a Tuesday with no more than 20 inside what would easily fit 90.

He asks my companion — since he’s an engineering recruiter — about tech employment opportunities. Not just Nepali guards and factory workers, but how about coders and web-designers, he probes? Twenty of us inside the establishment, and I was with the manager and security dude, the only three Malaysians present. We were massively outnumbered.



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