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Thailand to send 100,000 workers abroad this year

Pattaya Mail, Thailand, 25 April 2022 - Amid relaxed travel restrictions, labor export firms and relevant agencies have attended a discussion hosted by the Ministry of Labor to ensure that Thai workers gain the most benefits from working abroad.

Labor Minister Suchart Chomklin said the COVID-19 situation had forced many nations to curb international travel, including delaying entry for foreign workers.

As the disease situation gradually improves, many countries have relaxed travel restrictions and are once again accepting migrant workers. Suchart said his ministry aims to send 100,000 Thai workers abroad this year. To ensure this target is met and Thai workers benefit from the move, representatives from 127 labor export firms recently convened with ministry officials to establish an understanding and discuss employee wages, benefits and protections.

The Department of Employment has previously worked to expand the market for Thai workers abroad. Additional labor cooperation agreements have also been enacted with several countries such as Saudi Arabia, with demand generally high for skilled construction and tourism workers.



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