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Thailand pushes to register migrants from Cambodia

Khmer Times, Thailand, 30 September 2021 - The Thai Labour Ministry has provided a timeframe for employers to register undocumented migrant workers, allowing them to work legally in Thailand.

Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin revealed it on Tuesday after the cabinet agreed to the ministry’s proposal for the labour management of nationals from three countries —  Cambodia, Laos and  Myanmar, in a bid to control and prevent further Covid-19 outbreaks.

Mr Suchart said the Department of Employment (DoE) has been instructed to check at construction sites, factories and other workplaces to provide health guidance for employers and migrant workers for 30 days.

During this period, illegal migrant workers will be documented and their employers must apply for work permits together with other related documents from provincial employment offices or offices in Bangkok.

The work permit form will cost 100 baht and the work permit fee will be kept according to related regulations.

Afterwards, employers will receive a document on behalf of the migrant workers which can be used until they receive the work permit that will be valid until Feb 13, 2023.



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