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Taiwan likely to open to Thai migrant workers next

Taiwan News, Taiwan, 15 November 2021 - The Ministry of Labor (MOL) is indicating that Thais will be the next nationality allowed to enter Taiwan as migrant workers following Indonesians.

MOL Workforce Development Agency Director-General Tsai Meng-liang (蔡孟良) on Nov. 11 confirmed an announcement the previous day by the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower that the first wave of Indonesian workers would be allowed to enter Taiwan from Nov. 11-23. Tsai emphasized that Taiwan is currently negotiating with the governments of the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand on allowing workers from those countries to enter too.

Tsai said that of those three countries, Thailand has already clearly committed to fully cooperating with Taiwan's epidemic prevention measures. Tsai said that for this reason, Thailand has a "great opportunity to be the next country that Taiwan will open (to migrant workers)."

According to the MOL, 1,700 rooms have been made available for the first batch of workers, and employers can log into the registration system to begin the process of bringing in foreign employees. This first group of 1,700 workers is to consist entirely of Indonesian nationals.



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