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Omicron effect: Gulf migrant workers speed up travel plans

Deccan Chronicle, India, 19 December 2021 - In the backdrop of snowballing Omicron fears, several Gulf migrants have cut short their vacation and flown back to the Gulf countries to resume their work.

Also, anticipating a possible hike in flight charges and likely restrictions on flight services, several migrants have reached back their homeland while there is also a rush to return to the work stations. This happens both ways.

Gulf migrants belonging to Adilabad, Karimnagar and Nizamabad districts are hurriedly finalising their travel plans for fear of eruption of a third wave courtesy the Omicron spread.

Due to the Covid-19’s adverse effect on the aviation sector finances, a few airlines have collected huge fares from those flying out of Gulf countries to India. The migrant workers, mostly belonging to north Telangana state districts, were forced to pay hefty sums for travel.

In addition, quarantine charges too burdened them in the last few months. To reach Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or Bahrain, the migrants had to have a 14-day quarantine in Sri Lanka, Maldives or Dubai en route to their destination.

For instance, a migrant worker from India usually pays Rs 90,000 to reach Saudi Arabia. But the midway quarantine rule forced passengers to pay as high as Rs 1.50 lakh.



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