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New Human Development Report 2010

Human Development Report 2010 - The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development. This year the Human Development Report looks back at trends and patterns in development during the past several decades.

"This year’s Report seeks to demonstrate that the human development approach remains as vibrant, flexible and relevant as ever, providing invaluable new insights and policy guidance for the challenges of the 21st century."

"The 2010 Human Development Report shows new insights on human development trends and patterns in 135 countries over 40 years as part of a systematic review of the Human Development Index. The Report shows that human development achievements are possible even without fast growth and income increases, particularly due to technological gains and changes in societal structures. The trends analysis also shows that many of the countries improving the most in human development over 40 years – the “Top HDI Movers” – are very different from a conventional list of national development successes. The Report demonstrates that there is enormous diversity of experience, even from similar starting points, with institutions, policies and politics all playing a role in explaining trends in human development."

"The 2010 Report casts important new light on the major challenges that persist even in countries that have registered good overall gains in human development. The Report presents a refined Human Development Index (HDI) and introduces three new indices designed to systematically capture disparities and deprivation: Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index, Gender Inequality Index and Multidimensional Poverty."

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