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Nepali migrants again caught up in 2nd wave

Nepali Times, Nepal, 31 May 2021 - am was a security guard in Malaysia until his contract expired in April. His employer wanted to renew it, but he declined because of frequent wage-deductions, payment irregularities and mistreatment.

A hiring freeze in Malaysia since last year means employers use various tactics to keep foreign workers despite their unwillingness to do so. But Nepalis whose work visas have expired are stuck, since both Nepal and Malaysia are in complete lockdown and flights cancelled.

“They dragged on the process hoping I would eventually decide to stay like other Nepali colleagues, but I ended up overstaying my visa. Now, I am not sure when I can fly back, and am running out of savings,” Ram told us on the phone.

Daily new cases in Malaysia crossed 9,000 this week, and so far, 2,800 people have died of Covid-19. The government has announced a total lockdown from 1-14 June, while in Nepal the lockdown is in effect at least till 4 June.

Although the numbers are not as high as last year, this is reminiscent of the experience of hundreds of thousands of Nepali migrants who were stuck in the Gulf, Malaysia and elsewhere in 2020 waiting for emergency repatriation flights.



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