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Nearly 70 migrant workers in Thailand get help

The Phnom Penh Post, Thailand, 30 May 2022 - The Cambodian Workers’ Friendship Association of Thailand (CFAT) in Phan Thong district of Thailand’s Chonburi province helped to solve difficulties faced by nearly 70 Cambodian workers, of whom nearly 40 had been cheated by brokers.

According to the Centre for Alliance of Labour and Human Rights (CNTRAL), representatives from CENTRAL in Thailand on May 30 aided the workers in the district’s Ban Kao industrial region in collaboration with CFAT members.

Leung Sophon, a CENTRAL official based in Thailand, said they had taken action after more than 20 Cambodians had asked them for help.

“Of the 67 workers, 38 were Cambodians who had been cheated out of up to 7,000 baht [$200] each as their brokers promised to find them work at a bread production factory – and renew their visas and work permits – in the industrial region of Chonburi province’s Phan Thong district,” he said.

He added that the migrant workers had waited for nearly three months, but the brokers did not appear to have even attempted to find them employment.



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