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Migrant workers fear new variant, so far no Omicron amongst them

Khmer Times, Cambodia, 28 December 2021 - To avoid history repeating itself, border officials in frontline provinces are tightening up controls to prevent the Omicron variant being transmitted to the local population by migrant workers. So far, no Omicron cases have been detected amongst them.

In previous months, the provinces bordering Thailand saw an influx of returning migrant workers, which coincided with a surge of cases of the aggressive Delta variant. It became clear that the returning workers were responsible for the rapid spread of community cases.

Omicron, a new variant of Covid-19 renowned for being highly transmissible, continues to strike fear into migrant workers, as the numbers of returning workers has noticeably decreased when compared to earlier in December.

According to the National News Bureau of Thailand, the Thai Department of Medical Sciences reported 205 Omicron cases, 180 of which were detected among international travellers, while the remaining 25 were found in the local population.

Army spokesman Major General Mao Phalla said yesterday that they have been instructed to keep a close eye on international borders because that is where new cases are most likely to appear.

“The military on the border is cooperating with all relevant authorities to prevent the spread of Covid-19 into the local population and I am proud to say that there have been zero positive Omicron cases among migrant workers as of Sunday,” he said.



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