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Migrant workers coalition wary but hopeful at Ople appointment

Phil Star, Philippines, 25 May 2022 - Migrant workers' advocate Susan "Toots" Ople’s pending appointment to head a newly-established government agency that would oversee Filipino migrant workers' issues is seen as both a "boon and bane" for overseas Filipino workers.

While Migrante International recognized Ople’s prior experience serving in the government and in non-government organizations, they noted that her appointment as the head of the Department of Migrant Workers may be a challenge as she is "one of the staunch supporters" of the "Migration for Development" strategy.

"This strategy of using migration as a tool for economic development means capitalizing [on] forced migration and perpetuating the labor export program in order to prop up the ailing economy through remittances and mandatory fees to OFWs," their statement released on Wednesday read.

Migrante International, which promotes the rights and welfare of OFW,  is a coalition of over 200 member-organizations based in more than 20 countries.



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