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Migrant Workers Are Treated Poorly In Malaysia, Why Is This Still Happening?

The Rakyat Post, Malaysia, 31 May 2022 - Migrant workers are often the driving force behind developing countries. The progress in these countries is made possible only because there are labourers who are willing to work the jobs that citizens of the country often reject.

However, migrant workers are often treated as the bottom rungs of society and the welfare of migrant workers is constantly being overlooked. Unfortunately, they are the ones that receive the harshest blow whenever we experience a social or economic downfall.

This is especially true with migrant workers in Southeast Asia. In Malaysia alone, migrant workers experienced the hardest impacts of COVID-19 due to their poor living conditions that exacerbated the spread of this virus and threatened our nation’s ability to shake off the pandemic.

Migrant workers powered industries that produce goods such as rubber gloves and frozen foods that soared in demand during the pandemic. One of the major COVID-19 outbreaks we’ve had in Malaysia were from factories belonging to rubber glove maker Top Glove. The government carried out raids on its dormitories only to discover overcrowded conditions that aggravated the spread of the virus.

According to the Human Resources Ministry, of Malaysia’s more than 1.5 million documented migrant workers, 91 percent live in accommodation that does not meet the country’s minimum housing standards.



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