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Long wait over, Nepalis return to Korea

Nepali Times, Nepal, 15 December 2021 - When Aakash KC flew to Kathmandu from Seoul in February 2020, he was looking forward to a three-month break in Nepal from his job in South Korea.

Little did he know that he would be stranded for almost two agonising years in Nepal due to the pandemic. KC finally flew back to Seoul on Monday after months of uncertainty because of confusing information on Covid, flip-flopping rules.

“As per Korean law, I had to come to Nepal for three months before resuming with same employer for another five years,” KC said as he prepared to leave.

KC is part of the much-coveted Employment Permit Scheme (EPS), a government-to-government partnership between Nepal and Korea to supply workers, and is luckier than most other Nepali migrants because he had an employer who waited to have him back.

KC had to renew his Certificate for Confirmation of Visa Issuance (CCVI) multiple times with help from his Korean employer. He said: “I used to feel anxious when co-workers from Sri Lanka had returned to their jobs in Korea whereas my future was uncertain.”



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