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High-end investment a better way to end forced labour

Free Malaysia Today, Malaysia, 25 April 2022 - The government has turned to the US Embassy and the International Labour Organization to help resolve the issue of forced labour.

But I am puzzled as to how the US Embassy and the ILO can assist Malaysia in doing this.

The US has barred the goods of some Malaysian companies from entering the country for having engaged in the practice of forced labour.

The ILO, which represents the interest and welfare of the global labour force, has come out with a set of criteria as to what constitutes forced labour.

I understand that the enforcement division of the human resources ministry uses this set of criteria to determine whether companies indulge in forced labour or not.

Forced labour can be broadly defined as the use of unfree labour in the production of goods and services.

To use the definition of the ILO, forced labour exists under conditions of low wages, long working hours beyond those stipulated by the law, excessive overtime, payments of wages not in cash but in kind, no provision of holidays and many others.



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