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Emulate Singapore in migrant-employer disputes, says lawyer

Free Malaysia Today, Malaysia, 17 December 2021 - The Bar Council has recommended that the government emulate Singapore in labour disputes involving migrant workers, where they may be allowed to switch employers under certain conditions.

The Bar Council’s Migrants, Refugees and Immigration Affairs Committee chairman, M Ramachelvam, said migrant workers were usually not in a position to change employers if they were involved in labour disputes.

“They can go to the labour courts or civil courts but they will not be in a position to change employers,” he said.

“What the Bar Council has proposed is to follow the Singapore example. If there is a dispute, these migrant workers should be allowed to change employers provided the director-general of the labour department or his appointed official agrees to that.”

Ramachelvam was speaking at a panel discussion after the launch of the Bar Council’s booklet, “A Quick Guide to Migrant Workers’ Rights”, in collaboration with the Swiss embassy.



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