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E-discussion on South-South Migration and Development

M4D - 27 August 2012. The EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) and the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Observatory on Migration are currently running an e-discussion on the 'Promotion of an Increased Attention to South-South Migration and Development'. The discussion runs until September 4, 2012.

Taking into account that migration flows are increasingly a South-South phenomenon, the EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) and the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Observatory on Migration have partnered up and are pleased to announce the launch a new e-discussion entitled:


24 July – 4 September 2012

Please access the background paper on this discussion here

The objective of this e-discussion is to promote the debate and exchange of ideas and experience with regards to the trends and realities of international migration between developing countries. The policy challenges for international migration have mainly focused on South-North movements and on the relationship between rich and poor countries, while South-South migration flows have largely remained unexploited. Issues such as the regulation of flows and the relation with development are increasingly addressed in the context of South-South migration. It is a phenomenon that is also changing our vision of how people move around the globe.

It is in this context that the EC-UN JMDI and the ACP Observatory on Migration would like to provide M&D practitioners with a platform that enables open and in-depth discussions on the different aspects of South-South migration and their interlinkages with human development by exploring good practices together. The e-discussion will therefore focus on two main topics:

The promotion of the positive impact of South-South migration on development and the partnerships that encourage the engagement of diaporas. Departing from the viewpoint that the South-South context offers possibilities for improving the concrete impact of migration on development, questions will mainly focus on Remittances.The Integration and the protection of migrants in context of South-South migration and initiatives that take the different needs of migrants and their host communities into consideration, as well as the challenges faced by the relevant authorities in implementing successful integration policies.

The corresponding questions for each topic can be found below. Please feel free to respond to as many questions as you please during the following timeframe: 24 July – 4 September 2012


You can join the discussion by sending your contribution directly to or by uploading it onto the M4D website here


Topic 1: How can Governments, civil society organizations, research institutions and the international aid community promote the positive impact of South-South migration on development through the engagement of diasporas?

1)     How can developing countries approach their diasporas living in the South in order to maximize their contribution for development? Do you know of any concrete South-South initiatives implemented by countries that aim to engage their diasporas in a regular dialogue?

2)     Have Government agencies and regional organizations implemented initiatives with a view to facilitate and make the transfer of South-South formal remittances more accessible? Has the private sector been involved in making remittance channels more accessible for migrants and home communities? Do you know of other concrete initiatives that are aimed at developing formal banking systems? How successful have such initiatives been among remittance senders?

3)     How can Governments improve the social benefits of South-South remittances (productive investments and other) for development taking into consideration their informal nature? Have partnerships been established with the civil society on this matter?

Topic 2: The integration of South-South labour migrants in countries of destination and the protection of their rights

1)      What initiatives have been/are being implemented to improve the social and economic integration of migrants in the South-South context, in particular in urban areas? What measures are taken by South countries to promote the integration of migrants in the labour market? Are governments together with the civil society making concrete efforts to highlight the positive impacts that migrants can have in host countries? Are these initiatives successful?

2)      Taking into account budgetary constraints and at times the low financial and administrative capacities faced by countries in the South, what kind of cooperation frameworks could be established in order to put in place integration policies that maximize the benefits of immigration? 

3)      Are immigrants in developing countries well informed on their rights and obligations as migrants? Are there existing policy frameworks that address issues such as access to social protection and the protection of migrant workers’ rights?

4)      What are the main issues related to irregular South-South migration, for migrants, and local and national authorities? What are the most important measures that might be implemented in order to reduce the related risks and irregular migrant’s vulnerability?  

We warmly encourage members to forward this message on to your networks and also invite them to contribute.

The results of this e-discussion will be presented in a consolidated reply. We look forward to an enriching and active discussion. Thank you for participating!

The M4D-net Facilitation Team and the ACP Observatory on Migration



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