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Demand for domestic helpers increasing in Bahrain

"Demand for female domestic helpers in Bahrain is more than three times that for males, figures from the labour ministry indicate."

""We have received 16,203 applications to hire foreign domestic helpers between April and June," Subah Al Dossari, the labour undersecretary, said. "We have accepted 13,709 and rejected around 2,140," he said.

The number of approved applications for women was 10,596 while it was 3,140 for men, the official said.

Applications for domestic helpers in the first trimester of 2011 was 10,197, of which 7,478 were approved by the ministry and 2,586 rejected reportedly for failing to meet the criteria.

No explanation was given for the sharp rise from the first trimester to the second trimester, but it could be attributed to the fact that several domestic helpers, under pressure from their families, left Bahrain during the security unrest that hit the country in February and culminated in the second week of March."


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