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Court orders man to pay RM1.5mil over ‘forced’ contracts

Free Malaysia Today, Malaysia, 30 August 2021 - The High Court here has ruled that the shareholders of three companies which were given contracts to develop systems to vet entries of foreigners into Malaysia underwent economic duress when they were forced to enter into several agreements with a man said to be a proxy of a political leader in the pre-2018 Barisan Nasional administration.

Judicial commissioner Ong Chee Kwan said he found Mohamad Nizam Mohamad had threatened to take away their contracts running into millions of ringgit unless they transferred shares to the company of his wife, Norhana Sharkhan.

Ong, who delivered the 115-page judgment last week, said he found Nizam’s conduct was “so intolerable” that he had to award exemplary damages amounting to RM500,000 each to the three shareholders.

“I do agree that this is indeed a proper case where exemplary damages ought to be imposed. Nizam’s main objective was to extract money to be derived by the plaintiffs from the scheme,” he said.

The judge said Nizam contributed nothing to the systems but wanted the benefits from the efforts put in by the plaintiffs.

“In carrying out his objective, Nizam blatantly blackmailed the companies into giving him exorbitant amounts and substantial control over the companies,” he said.

“His actions had inflicted fear, distress and hopelessness upon Aminul Islam Abdul Nor (also known as Amin) and the plaintiffs.



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