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'Cheap, Obedient' Korean Workers

The Economic Observer - April 26, 2012. "hen Fu, 26, looks like a 40-year-old, and unless you heard him talk, you wouldn’t realize that that he's from North Korea, where he suffered malnutrition. He came to China knowing that it would be easier to feed himself here and got a job at a restaurant in the city of Dandong, just over the border from North Korea. Chen Fu isn’t his real name, but that’s how he is addressed in the restaurant where he works, because the owner doesn’t want to draw attention to his North Korean employee. Chen is his most diligent worker - he serves food from 10 a.m to midnight and earns 1,200 yuan a month and gets two daily meals and a dormitory bed. "He does whatever he’s told and doesn’t complain," said Chen’s boss, adding that the North Korean is also cheap and obedient. The owner of one local trading company in Dandong said that "foreign workers" have been in the area for a long time."
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