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Cap on skilled workers in UK

This article from The Times of India, reveals that the UK has announced a cap on skilled workers, this will affect Indians the most, constituting the largest group of highly skilled and skilled workers in the UK.


"The British government, for the first time, has drawn a marker for net migration, which includes a cap on immigration from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) — a policy that will affect Indians the most, for they constitute the largest influx among highly skilled and skilled workers.

The Conservative party-Liberal Democrat alliance's tough talking home minister, Theresa May, imposed a 22.05% cut on "highly skilled" migrants on Tuesday. In other words, not more than 21,000 people will be allowed into the UK from outside the EEA on work permits April 1, 2011, onward.

Visas for skilled workers without job offer will be down to an even more drastic 1,000 in 2011-12. Last year, 50,000 visas were issued for tier one (highly skilled) and tier two (skilled) workers from outside EEA. Of those, 22,000 came on intra-company transfers. May critcised the previous Labour government's policy of raising net migration to 196,000 in 2009 and said, "We cannot go on like this."


For the full article, see The Times of India


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