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Addressing Challenges Faced by Taiwan’s Migrant Workers

The Diplomat, Taiwan, 30 December 2021 - Taiwan has relied heavily on migrant workers who make huge contributions in the manufacturing and electronic sectors. While these workers are helping sustain the growth of Taiwan’s economy, their rights and dignity often take second place after company profits.

In general, migrant workers have faced enduring physical and emotional stress while the infrastructure for addressing their concerns remains limited and often difficult to access.

There have been complaints about migrant workers being forced to stay in overcrowded dormitories with insufficient facilities and almost no private space, exposing them to physical health problems due to the confined and sometimes squalid environments. In the era of COVID-19, these challenges remain peculiarly pressing. Workers also face harsh conditions on the job, often taking on undesirable 3D (dirty, dangerous and difficult) jobs, particularly in manufacturing and construction.

International observers have brought attention to the situation of migrant workers in Taiwan. A 2020 report on human rights practices in Taiwan by the U.S. State Department, voiced concerns on the alarming issue of “forced labor” occurring in sectors reliant on migrant workers, including domestic services, fishing, farming, manufacturing, meat processing, and construction.



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