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4,000 Tunisia Migrant Arrive in Lampedusa, Italy

An article published on BWI Connect (

"Following the current political and economic developments in Tunisia, close to 4,000 Tunisians   arrived in the island of Lampedusa, Italy and they have requested asylum.    The Italian government which is currently overwhelmed by the situation officially requested financial aid from the European Union to assist in the addressing the “thousands of Tunisians who have landed in their shores.”

According to news reports, the mayor of Lampedusa, has declared a state of emergency as they island does not have sufficient resources to cope and many have been have been shipped to nearby Sicily where there are more facilities.

There are concerns and further speculation that thousands more will arrive on Italian soil as the political upheavals in North Africa is causing a mass exodus.  This clearly will have ramifications for the rest of Europe as Italy is the entry point for many of these migrants who are seeking freedom and an opportunity to work in Europe"


SOURCE: BWI connect

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