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1M’sia Perjasa card to protect mistreated, legal migrants

Free Malaysia Today - 4 February 2015 - Card meant to help those not paid by their employers, unable to renew their permits, cheated by their agents, and abused.

KUALA LUMPUR: The issuing of 1Malaysia Perjasa cards, mostly to help foreign workers who have been mistreated by their employers or agents, is meant for their welfare and not to make them ‘immune’ from the law.

Foreign Workers’ Services and Counselling Centre (PPKPA) president Amir Ibrahim said since the card’s introduction some three years ago, almost 17,000 foreign workers had registered with PPKPA.

“Before we issue these cards, we will check the individual’s data to ensure that they entered legally and were mistreated, we do not want to protect illegal migrants,” he told reporters here today.

Yesterday, the media quoted Immigration Department director-general Mustafa Ibrahim as saying that his department would not hesitate to take action against illegal migrants who possessed the card.

Mustafa said the intelligence unit in his office had identified those responsible for issuing the card and would soon be conducting raids. Commenting further, Amir said his office would get clarification regarding the statement from Mustafa.

“This card is not meant to replace a permit or passport and it does not trespass any existing laws. It is a card issued to migrant workers who have been mistreated, among them those who were not paid by their employers, those not being able to renew their permits, those who were cheated by their agents, and those abused.

“We also handle the renewal of permits for these migrant workers with the Immigration after we issue the cards,” said Amir.

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