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Sharing knowledge, resources and good practices on migration in Asia Pacific.

Asia and the Pacific is the world's most economically dynamic region. Currently, there are  more than 30 million migrant workers in the region, and this number is expected to increase.

The Asia Pacific Migration Network (AP Migration) is a regional online community of practice, sharing news, resources, and events with a network of more than 600 members.

AP Migration provides a platform for academics, civil society, government, trade unions, employers and others interested in migration issues to exchange knowledge and discuss on key migration themes,  including policy, development issues, recruitment policies and practices, rights and protection of migrants, return and reintegration, and cooperation between key stakeholders.

AP Migration was launched in 2010 and is sponsored by the International Labour Organization (ILO). It is managed by a team of knowledge sharing practitioners, with technical support from the ILO Regional Migration programme.

Members of AP Migration can:

•             Explore a rich on-line library of migration-related knowledge resources, including research reports, government legislation and policy, training materials, and project documents

•             Read  a summary of global and regional news stories, press releases and blog posts on migration issues

•             View the network page and add your organization's details

•             Consult the events calendar

You can also follow us on Facebook to receive the latest updates
Note: AP Migration was launched as AP-MagNet. In 2013, following consultation with members, the name was changed to AP Migration
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