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‘Pandemic worsened labour issues in region’

The News, Pakistan, 31 May 2021 - Although Covid-19 pandemic badly affected the worker class in both Pakistan and India, the labour force in Pakistan remained better off than the labourers in India as the former did not opt for imposing curfews to contain the spread of the disease.

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In Malaysia, tire maker Goodyear accused of unpaid wages, threats

Aljazeera, Malaysia, 31 May 2021 - American tire manufacturer Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co is facing accusations of unpaid wages, unlawful overtime and threats to foreign workers at its Malaysian factory, according to court documents and complaints filed by workers.

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Migrant workers start returning as unlock process begins in some states

Mint, India, 31 May 2021 - Migrant workers have started returning to their places of work due to the possibility of unlock in different part of the country

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Nepali migrants again caught up in 2nd wave

Nepali Times, Nepal, 31 May 2021 - am was a security guard in Malaysia until his contract expired in April. His employer wanted to renew it, but he declined because of frequent wage-deductions, payment irregularities and mistreatment.

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Indonesia: Aceh Migration Operation, Final Report DREF Operation n° MDRID016

Description of the disaster Arrival of Two Boats carrying migrants in Aceh, Indonesia On 24 June 2020, three local fishermen rescued 99 migrants from a damaged boat on Lancok Coast, North Aceh district. The migrants were brought to shore and transferred to a training facility owned by the Lhokseumawe City government. After a headcount, it was disclosed that the group consisted of 31 women, 40 girls, 16 boys, and 12 men. Due to language barrier, it was challenging to establish communication with the migrants. However, a migrant who spoke English and Malay was later identified among the group. It was revealed that the group departed from Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh and may have been at sea for up to four months and that an additional 17 migrants initially aboard the boat, may have died during the journey. With permission from local government, the migrants were permitted to remain in the facility. Needs assessment was conducted jointly through local coordination on the ground involving several organizations, including UNHCR, IOM, PMI, Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS), Getanyoe Foundation, in coordination with the local authorities. Several organizations including PMI, UNHCR, and IOM were granted permission to work in the facility to support the migrants.

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Rural Migration News

Guest worker programs aim to add workers temporarily to the labor force without adding permanent residents to the population. Most countries have hire-local-workers first policies, so they limit foreign workers to jobs that cannot be filled by local workers. Most 20th century programs were begun as temporary bridges to a future when guest workers would no longer be needed, as with Mexican Braceros in the US during WWII or Gastarbeiter in Germany in the 1960s.

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IOM Lao People's Democratic Republic COVID-19 Situation Report #9 (Jan 2021)

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused more than 105 million confirmed cases and over 2.3 million deaths around the globe since 16 January 2020. The outbreak has caused unprecedented impacts on human mobility, leaving migrants and mobile populations among the most vulnerable.

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Guideline On Dispute Resolution for Migrant Worker Grievances

The purpose of the Dispute Resolution Guidelines for Resolving Migrant Worker Grievances is to set out the process for resolving migrant worker grievances as defined in Prakas No. 249. The Guidelines include key definitions and implementation principles and clarify what needs to occur at each step of the process and issues that should be considered throughout. Most importantly, the Guidelines clarify the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders, including the PDOLVT and MOLVT, the complainant, MRCs or other service providers, and the respondent or Private Recruitment Agency (PRA). The Dispute Resolution Guidelines for Resolving Migrant Worker Grievances is a practical reference for labour officials, service providers and other stakeholders to use when supporting Cambodian migrant workers through the dispute resolution process.

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