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Web Based Recruitment System

— theme: Pre-employment and recruitment policies and practices
— country: Sri Lanka
— type: Good Practices

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Web Base Recruitment System


The SLBFE strategically utilizes its ICT system to provide efficient and effective services to its clients including the foreign recruitment agents. The recruiting process has been identified as a key functional area that should be streamlined through ICT. To make the current recruitment process “Agent friendly” and “employee supportive” the SLBFE decided to introduce Web Based Recruitment System (WBRS) which would enable both local and foreign recruitment agents to work within real time environment.



Once this system is implemented, foreign agents may be able to send their job order details to their Sri Lankan counterparts directly through the web based system. This will reduce the cost, time and human efforts spent by the foreign agents and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the job order process. Foreign Agents would be able to access the details of the persons to be recruited from Sri Lanka and easily send them to Sri Lankan mission for quick authentication. Further, the web based system may provide more valuable information in relation to recruitment process of Sri Lankan migrant workers. This new initiative will improve the current recruitment process and would enhance the accuracy of migrants’ information as well. 



Accordingly, SLBFE will launch an awareness programme on the project at Sri Lanka Missions and host country recruitments agents towards end of November 2010.



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