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AP-MagNet Updates

— theme: Labour migration policy, Pre-employment and recruitment policies and practices, Rights and protection of migrants, Return and re-integration of migrants, Cooperation among multiple stakeholders, Migration and development
— country: Asia, Pacific
— type: Community Updates

This is AP-MagNet's first Community Updates, a one-page newsletter where members can share and find news, events, resources and updates on AP-MagNet.

ILO AP-MagNet Team
Publishing Year

AP-MagNet Updates is a knowledge product by the AP-MagNet team. It communicates regularly with all AP-MagNet members new updates on the portal and summarize and highlights the latest and greatest resources and events that are happening in our community.

This product is open for members to contribute to and be part of. Since this is the very first edition, we invite all members to get active and “be part of the debate”! If you have something you would like to share about your organization or project’s work in the field of migration or anti-human trafficking —send it to us to be included in the next edition at OR share it on the portal.

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