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International Obligations regarding Migrant Workers: A Guide for Countries of Origin

— theme: Labour migration policy
— country: Global
— type: Brochures

The 130-page Guide provides a unique easily-accessible systematic overview of international obligations regarding migrant workers from the perspective of countries of origin, drawing together states’ responsibilities under international human rights treaties, labour rights conventions, diplomatic conventions and trafficking instruments. Covering key international standards that apply to migrants’ home countries and their countries of employment, the Guide can assist migrants’ home countries as they regulate, negotiate, and implement labour migration programs at all stages of the migration process. It also provides useful standards against which states, advocates, NHRIs other actors can measure and report on compliance with international human rights and labour rights standards in countries of origin and employment. In endorsing the Guide, previous UN Special Rapporteur on Migrants, Professor Francois Crepeau, notes that it “will considerably help policy-makers in countries of origin to devise international cooperation strategies with countries of transit and destination and rights training programmes for officials. It will also support human rights and labour rights organisations in better preparing migrants for the difficulties of the migration journey and in helping them fight for their rights, through training, advocacy, networking, unionising, administrative procedures or court proceedings.”

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