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Thai berry pickers in Sweden receive compensation

On December 1st, Kommunal, Swedish Municipal Workers Union, published a press release concerning 160 Thai workers in Åsele, Sweden.
Thai berry pickers in Sweden receive compensation

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The workers had been working for Lomsjö Bär that was  declared as bankrupt on 29 October, 2010. Since this date Kommunal have worked in close cooperation with The Legal Bureau of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation to secure the workers' wages despite of the fact that the company was declared as bankrupt. On 1 December the Official Receiver decided the workers were covered by the Government wage guarantee which gave the workers SEK 5.8 millions (ca € 610 000). Each worker did receive SEK 36 600 for two months work including holiday compensation however, from this lump sum tax and the value of fringe benefits was deducted. Since the company had not signed any collective agreement with Kommunal the trade union were not able to claim for overtime work which is only regulated in collective agreements.


The Press release (in Swedish) can be found here

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