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Taiwan opens its livestock industry to migrant workers

Taiwan News, Taiwan, 3 September 2020 - Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture (COA) has agreed to open the country’s livestock industry to migrant workers in order to solve the industry’s labor shortage problem.

After consulting with the Ministry of Labor, the COA on Aug. 24 finished amending regulations regarding the qualifications of employers applying to hire foreign workers in the country’s livestock industry.

COA said that after one year of opening the country’s dairy industry to foreign workers under a trial program, the clauses of the Employment Service Act governing qualifications and criteria for foreign workers was amended on July 31 this year to bring the whole livestock industry into the trial program.

COA added the agency has invited related agencies to participate in holding nine seminars in order to help livestock proprietors understand the privileges and obligations they have in hiring foreign workers. The seminars cover regulations as well as such topics as hiring, management, occupational safety training, labor insurance, national health insurance, and tax reports.



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