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S. Korea: Migrant Cambodian farm worker found dead in greenhouse; police probe going on

The Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia, 27 December 2020 - A senior Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training official has called on Cambodian migrant workers in Thailand not to change residences or return to their homeland during the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak unless necessary.

In a Facebook post, ministry spokesman Heng Sour also announced that migrant workers would not be arrested at this time even if they are staying to work there illegally.

“The Thai authorities will not arrest Cambodian migrant workers who stay in one place. So please maintain composure and cooperate,” he said.

Kim Chamroeun, an adviser in charge of migrant workers in Thailand, said he had met with Thai labour minister Suchart Chomklin to address the spread of the virus.

“We are working closely with the Thai government. They will officially inform us if any Cambodian citizens contract Covid-19, and they will treat our brothers and sisters as they do Thai nationals,” Chamroeun said.

He also encouraged all Cambodian migrant workers to remain calm and not seek to flee from where they are. Staying put during the outbreak is the best way to stop its spread together, he said.

“During this time, migrant workers won’t be arrested. Thai authorities are formulating policy to help undocumented migrant brothers and sisters. They may continue to stay and work in Thailand temporarily,” Chamroeun said.

On December 25, the Cambodian embassy in Thailand distributed gifts to nearly 200 migrant families on the outskirts of Bangkok bordering Samut Sakhon province. Their livelihoods have been affected after Thai authorities restricted travel in the area following a recent Covid-19 outbreak in the province. Gifts included milled rice, Khmer noodles, canned fish, soy sauce, sugar, salt and masks.



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