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Rights Group Says Migrant Workers Unpaid, Trapped in Qatar

VOA News, Qatar, 29 September 2019 - The human rights group Amnesty International says thousands of migrant workers in Qatar are not getting paid by their employers. The workers also are being forced to live in bad conditions.

Qatar promised to change its labor laws for migrants in 2018. However, Amnesty said the Qatari government had failed to improve its policies on unpaid wages.

An employment system called kafala continues to give Qatari companies great power over migrant employees. It is a system of sponsorship. The system permits companies to hold a migrant’s passport. It also prevents a migrant from changing jobs. An estimated 2 million migrants work in Qatar under the kafala system.

Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup in 2022, and is building stadiums, roads and other infrastructure with kafala labor.

The human rights group is calling on the international community to put more pressure on Qatar to improve the conditions for its migrant workers.



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