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Over 230,000 Myanmar migrant workers sent abroad last year

Eleven, Myanmar, 16 January 2019 - More than 230,000 Myanmar migrant workers went abroad last year, seeing a greater increase when compared with the number of domestic jobs, according to the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population.

The ministry's annual data show that last year Myanmar sent over 18,000 workers abroad in January, over 15,600 in February, 17,800 in March, over 23,400 in April, over 23,100 in May, over 17,600 in June, over 18,900 in July, over 24,100 in August, over 22,700 in September, 19,100 in October, over 24,900 in November and over 16,500 in December.

According to data on domestic jobs, there were over 17,000 jobs in January, over 16,500 in February, over 13,000 in March, over 11,000 in April, 12,000 in May, over 16,000 in June, over 18,000 in July, over 18,000 in August, over 16,000 in September, over 30,000 in October, 20,000 in November and over 16,000 in December.

The abovementioned figures show that the number of workers going abroad is higher than that of those getting jobs locally.

Currently, Myanmar officially send migrant workers to nine countries namely Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Qatar, Macao and Jordan.


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