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Local camp makes learning fun for children of migrant workers

WPSD Local, USA, 20 June 2019 - School is out, but it’s important to keep kids’ brains fired up and off those mind-numbing screens this summer. That’s why some kids in Mayfield, Kentucky, are spending some of their summer at school learning.

It’s summer, which means you typically wouldn’t see kids at school, right? “I like staying here because home is boring,” Joel says. He is attending a migrant camp at Mayfield Elementary School.

“In order to be here, they have to qualify, and one of the ways to qualify is by engaging migratory work, which could be farm work. These kids are the sons and daughters of farm workers,” Graves County Migrant Coordinator Gaby Acree explains.

And they are having a blast learning.

“The best part about this camp is that I get to enjoy myself and hang out with my friends, and do fun stuff,” a girl at the camp says.

These kids will spend 25 hours this summer doing activities that sneak in the learning.

“They don’t feel like this is school, I’m back at school. This is just summer, and we’re having fun while we learn,” Acree explains.

Which is important considering the kids could be spending their summer doing something else.

“I would probably be on the couch watching TV or outside playing,” the girls says.

Here are some ways you can prevent summer brain drain for your kids:

— Help your child connect learning to everyday experiences.
— Encourage your child to play with toys that teach.
— Trick your child into learning when they’re least expecting it.


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